Own It!

treebranchDESIGN Hosting provides clients with all the internet tools they need to manage and run their business online that they own outright. WordPress, email, cloud storage, newsletter software and even domain names.

Website Design

Your style. Your fit. Your control. Your hosting account for your website is set up in your name. You own it.

Local to Severna Park

Make an appointment for a DIY with a Little H(elp) website hosting and setup on site. contact info@treebranchdesign.com and describe what you need.

Website Hosting for Small Business

We Install, Design, and Build Your Site

Based in the greater Baltimore/Annapolis area, treebranchDESIGN LLC offers hosting that you can take complete control over or allow us to maintain. You can view our hosting products and log into your account at store.treebranchhosting.com. This is an added service from our design services that provides our clients with the extra customer care. The idea is to give you a sense of assurance that not only will we be there from start to finish, we will be there throughout the life of your web site. If you are in the area, we can sit down together and walk through the steps of purchasing hosting. We can help plan out your business needs now and for the future finding your style. We are passionate about finding affordable hosting solutions for local charities that support environmental causes and other qualified charities.


Managed WordPress

Hosting the automatically updates your WordPress site. If you stick to the original plugins that come with this package very little weekly back-end maintenance is needed.

Email Marketing

Email marketing plan that is simple and affordable. We also provide set up assistance if needed.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress , start your own website with this theme.

Complex Hosting

Complex hosting really isn’t complex, but it allows for you to have more options with software changes. If you are not completely sold on WordPress this is the hosting to get. It will however require weekly check-ins for updates to software and plugins for installed WordPress sites. Multiple platforms available; Drupel, WordPress, etc.


Purchase you domain through us. Did you know that all domains will forever be yours, even if you use our website design services. Domains are vital to claiming your internet real estate. Why advertise 3rd party mail companies when you can have your own domain based email?

View All of Our Internet Products

Every product is set up in your own account which you manage. We keep our marketing and design support services separate from the actual internet products listed at our hosting store.